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Global Ragas

Music Lessons

We are on a mission to create love for music in every learner!

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We offer a unique opportunity for students everywhere around the globe to learn Hindustani Classical Music through Knowledgeable, encouraging and imaginative mentors. We also offer a 5 year Sangeet Visharad Diploma Course from Prayag Sangit Samiti.


* Hindustani Vocals
* Sitar Lessons
* Harmonioum Lessons
* Playback singing
* Music for Children
* Contest Preparation

You also have a chance to learn Light Classicals like Thumris, Dadras , Tappa Gayaki, Devotional Songs (Bhajans), Ghazals , Bollywood Songs and much more…

Interested in our Music Lessons, submit the form and we will contact you.

* Global Ragas also provide 5 years Sangeet Vishaarad Diploma Certification affiliated to Allahbad University

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